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    How Often Do Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

    There are many nooks and crannies where dirt and dust like to hide around the home. Often, we find dirt hiding in those spaces that are hard to see and difficult to access, as these areas tend to not receive as much attention as spaces that are clearly visible. This leads to a common question homeowners have about cleaning – do air ducts need to be cleaned? A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical explains why ducts should be cleaned, what duct cleaning does for your household, and how often your need air duct cleaning.

    Why Do Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

    The air circulating throughout your home and heating and cooling system can be filled with contaminant particles. Everything from dust and dirt to pet dander, pollen, and mold can float in your home’s air. In fact, the air within indoor spaces can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside the home.

    As air circulates from your living areas to your dirty air ducts and back to the HVAC system for heating and cooling, pollutant particles have the opportunity to fall out of suspension and settle inside your return ducts. While air filters do help keep these particles out of your indoor furnace or air handler to protect the heating and cooling system, not all filters are created equal and many particles can pass through, depending on your filter efficiency. When air pollutants make their way through the heating and cooling unit, these particles can settle in the home’s supply ducts as conditioned air moves from the HVAC system to living areas.

    So, do air ducts need to be cleaned? Yes, they do. Air duct cleaning removes the dust, dirt, and debris that can pile up within the duct system through the normal use of your HVAC equipment. air duct cleaning is also useful for removing contaminants left in the ducts due to other household issues.

    Benefits of Duct Cleaning

    Air duct cleaning is essential when you’re trying to improve your indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning eliminates the debris deposits within the ducts, these contaminants are completely removed from the home. Particles from within your dirty air ducts can be swept back into circulation as air passes through and moved back into your living areas where exposure to certain pollutants can cause health symptoms. This matter can make your home appear dirtier as well as lead to unwanted odors. They can recirculate an average of 5 to 7 times a day, so cleaning your air ducts will greatly reduce the amount of indoor air pollution within your home.

    Not only does duct cleaning help indoor air quality, but it can also improve the performance of your heating and cooling system. Airborne pollutants can wreak havoc when they settle within your heating and cooling system, which is why it’s important to stay regular on changing your air filter. When ducts are filled with dust, dirt, and debris, this matter can be picked back up by moving air and transported to the HVAC unit. Increased air pollution will fill the air filter faster – when the filter is full, it cannot trap more contaminants so they pass into the unit. When particles settle inside the unit, which can burden components and cause the system to operate under greater stress. This buildup can cause system breakdowns as well as reduced energy efficiency.

    How Often Do Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

    The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that homeowners have professional duct cleaning services to clean their home’s duct system every three to five years for maintenance. Periodic air duct cleaning eliminates deposits that form due to normal HVAC system use, providing your home with better indoor air quality and helping your heating and cooling systems perform optimally.

    Do air ducts need to be cleaned more often than this? There are certain situations where you’ll want to have your ducts professionally cleaned right away, rather than wait for your next maintenance cleaning. These include:

    Moving into a New Home

    Air ducts can contain dirt, mold spores, dead skin, pet dander, and fungi! When you first move into a new home, have an air duct cleaning to eliminate the old owner’s pollutants from your duct system. Starting with freshly cleaned air vents will give your home a fresh start.

    Scheduling A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical to inspect your ducts, air conditioning system, and furnace when you first move in is a great idea. We’ll give you a comprehensive idea of the state of the HVAC system in your home and can schedule maintenance to ensure you stay comfortable all year long.

    After Major Home Renovations

    Major renovations come with major dust. You might find that your new kitchen is great, but it’s a little hard to breathe in. Extra dust can settle and clog your HVAC system fast, especially after renovating or remodeling. An air ducts cleaning will remove any contaminants and dust that were spread around during construction.

    If Your Home Has Flooded

    If your home has been flooded recently, an air duct cleaning will be super effective in removing mold spores and mildew from ruining the air quality in your home. The EPA highly recommends preventing your air ducts from becoming wet. Moisture can get into the insulation that surrounds your air ducts and can grow mold. The spores from mold can spread through the area and promote mold growth in other places. Be sure to have your duct system thoroughly cleaned following a flood or excessive water damage in your home.

    Vermin Infestation

    If you’re seeing rodents in your house suddenly, there is a chance they are getting in through the air vents. Warm areas filled with dust are attractive to vermin, and they might start nesting in your house. Having a thorough duct cleaning will destroy the rodent’s habitat and ensure that clean air is flowing through your house.

    Odd Smells in the Home

    If you notice a strong musty or mildew scent in your home, check the vents to see if there is mold growing on your air duct surfaces. Another time to have your air ducts cleaned is when you notice thick dust and debris buildup on air registers and air filters.

    Mold and dust can cause illnesses in your house. Household allergies can be treated by regular cleanings, but mold-related illnesses can be much more serious. The longer you neglect your HVAC system, the worse the symptoms will be.

    Comfort Difficulties Inside the House

    If you find that the temperature varies wildly from room to room in your house, you might have clogged air ducts. Clean air vents have been shown to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve air circulation in your home.

    Duct Cleaning in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

    Do air ducts need to be cleaned? Yes, they do, and it’s best to have them cleaned by reputable duct cleaning companies like A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical for maintenance as well as to target specific issues in your home. Call us today to schedule duct cleaning for your home in the Ocean Isle Beach area.

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