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Boat Lift Installation Services in Myrtle Beach, SC

When thinking about all of the electrical services needed for a safe and effective boat lift, you want to call on professional help. Expert guidance when installing these services is necessary for both effectiveness and safety. Below, you will find some examples of these services and just some of the many ways Swift Services uses its expertise to support our clients in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Boat Lift Automation

Owning a boat is a great way to relax and have fun, but storing it using a manual lift? It can be both time-consuming and physically taxing. You can avoid both of these issues by having an automated boat lift installed. This helpful device will make getting your boat in and out of the water as easy as clicking a button.

Automatic boat lifts are an investment, but they’re certainly worth it in the long run. They will save you both time and effort. Plus, it’s generally good to save yourself the physical demand of using a manual lift. Why expend all that effort if you don’t have to, right?

With all of that said, it’s essential to have your Myrtle Beach, SC, automatic boat lift installed by professionals who have the necessary experience to do so correctly. Installing an automatic boat lift yourself could potentially be very dangerous. Even small boats need to have the proper support for lifting. If anything malfunctions during that process, it could damage your boat or harm the people surrounding the boat.

What Is Shore Power?

Shore power refers to the power used by your boat when plugged into the power source on the dock. Electricity is dangerous when near water. Therefore, it’s vital that the installation of this power source takes place correctly.

Part of this careful installation also means that shore power needs specialized GFI circuit breakers. For this installation to be both safe and effective, you want to hire a qualified electrician who has experience installing shore power. This expert assistance will guarantee that all necessary precautions are in place so that this power source is safe to use.

Proper installation will also ensure the efficient transfer of power to your boat. Doing this with precision doesn’t just ensure that the power source on land is safe. It also can ensure your safety while you are on your boat and using it.

Safety and installation by an electrician can become essential in the most unexpected circumstances. If you are far from the shore and stranded on a boat with no power, it can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

Improve Boat Dock Safety with Lighting

Lighting is a critical part of ensuring boat dock safety. It will help you to launch and land your boat effectively since lights will illuminate the area. Not every type of lighting will be useful, however. Your best and safest option is to consult experts on what types of lights to install and where to place them.

The key to installing this lighting is to focus on having these fixtures shining down toward floor areas. This angle will help to illuminate walking areas. It also will minimize any glare that might occur when lighting hits the water surrounding the dock.

It’s vital to shed light on areas where you will be walking around the dock to prevent accidents or even accidental drowning. But it’s just as critical to have lights installed on the boat dock itself. Once you’ve finished with your boat, you’ll need to get it out of the water, utilizing your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, automatic boat lift. If you are doing so during the night or when the sun is going down, you could put yourself in harm’s way. Appropriate lighting is necessary for conducting these processes safely and adequately.

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Minimize the Risk of Electrical Shock Drowning

Because these power sources are still close to the water, there will always be the risk of electrical shock drowning, or ESD. The GFI circuit breakers mentioned above are vital in preventing this potentially deadly risk.

GFI circuit breakers sense faulty circuits. If detected, the breakers will cut the power before the situation can become dangerous.

For this reason, it isn’t only vital to install these GFI circuit breakers. You also want to ensure proper installation. You want electricians who have the necessary experience to install these breakers. Otherwise, it’s like not having them installed at all.

While electric shock drowning isn’t necessarily very common, it is still a genuine possibility. Take the risks seriously.

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Installing a boat lift is definitely a job best left for the professional electricians at Swift. For Myrtle Beach, SC, boat lift installation, contact Swift Services today.

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