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Circuit Breaker Installation & Upgrades in Myrtle Beach

Is your circuit breaker experiencing issues? Don’t face these hassles alone: call Swift Services today! Our fully licensed electricians know exactly what to do to get your Myrtle Beach, SC home back in working order with our professional installations/upgrades.

A circuit breaker is just like any other piece of equipment; it’s bound to need repairs. This could be due to normal wear and tear, damage or other issues.

If your panel’s time has come, you need our circuit breaker panel installation and upgrade services!

Our licensed electricians are ready to help with your electrical repair today. We perform safe circuit breaker installations, repairs, and upgrades that:

  • Properly power your appliances
  • Meet your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina household’s needs by expanding your home’s electrical capacity
  • Put your family’s safety first

What Are Signs Your Home Needs Circuit Breaker Upgrades?

A faulty circuit breaker might not seem like a big deal. On the surface, you’ll experience things like poor appliance performance and flickering lights.

However, electrical problems are not something you should take lightly. They can end up causing major damage to your home’s electrical system and appliances. They can even present safety concerns such as electrical fires.

Signs you may need an upgrade or repair include:

  • Breaker Trips Constantly: It’s likely you have a problem if your circuit breaker constantly trips (even after resetting it).
  • Panel Is Hot to the Touch: The panel will naturally be a little warm, but it’s a red flag if it’s warmer than usual.
  • Burning Smell: A burning smell coming from the panel is never a good sign!
  • Visible Damage: Visible damage is one of the easiest signs to spot (frayed wires, burned metal, etc.).
  • Strange Noises: Popping, hissing or buzzing noises coming from the panel usually indicate trouble.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Swift Services right away for professional upgrades/repairs!

What to Do If Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a problem if your circuit breaker continually trips (even after resetting it).

This can be the result of wiring problems. However, an overloaded circuit is most commonly the culprit. This happens when too many devices are connected to the system. It could also mean that a new appliance is not connected to its own breaker when it should be.

If you find yourself in this boat, here’s what you should do:

Start by finding which outlets are on the circuit. They may already be marked inside of your electrical panel. If not, you’ll have to map it yourself. To map it yourself:

Turn Off All Circuit Breakers

Go to your electrical panel and flip all switches to the “off” position.

Test 240-Volt Circuits

240-volt circuits power major appliances (electric dryers, stoves, etc.). Choose one, flip it on, and take note of which appliance receives power from it. Repeat this process for the remaining 240-volt switches.

Map the Smaller Circuits

Plug a small device (like a lamp) into an outlet and turn it on. Flip breakers to the “on” position until you find the right switch for the outlet. Repeat this process for all remaining electrical outlets in your home, being sure to take note of which breaker corresponds to which outlet.

Prevent Tripping

Now, you should have a map of your system. Experiment with moving devices off the circuit to see if this prevents tripping.

If it doesn’t, give Swift Services a call for expert electrical installations/upgrades!

Call Swift Services for Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair

Think your circuit breaker is due for a repair/upgrade? Let Swift Services handle it!

Our certified electricians are only a phone call away. With us, you get the safe and friendly service you deserve. Your home’s electricity will be flowing smoothly again in no time! For all of your home’s electrical services in Myrtle Beach, SC, contact the professional electricians at Swift Services today for a great job each and every time.

    “I called Swift and their response was outstanding.” - Jacqueline D.
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