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Air Purifier Installation and Repair in Myrtle Beach

On the list of things that every homeowner should know, air purifiers are high up on the list. Just like the ability to breathe clean, safe air, this is one item people often take for granted.

If you value your home and the air quality in it, it’s vital to have a functioning air purification system.

Whole-home air purifiers offer a wide range of benefits for you and your family’s health, as well as your home environment. At Swift Services, we can help you achieve healthier, cleaner living.

What Does a Whole-Home Air Purifier Do?

A whole-home air filtration system eliminates pollutants. It sanitizes the air by filtering, cleaning, and recirculating it in cleaned form.

There is a distinction between whole-house and room purifiers. With whole-house air purifiers, you can sanitize the whole house. These systems connect to the heating, cooling, and ventilation system in your home. Room purifiers, although helpful, only purify a limited amount of space.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air purification systems present a whole host of benefits. They can improve not only your indoor environment but also your health:

Alleviates Allergies

Allergies are a common occurrence. They vary in severity levels, but an allergic reaction of any kind is more than unpleasant. It can be potentially dangerous. Various contaminants may trigger an allergic reaction, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and more.

If you have an air purifier, it filters many of these triggers. It prevents them from recirculating throughout your house. The layers of hypoallergenic filters trap pollen, dust, and other contaminants. With a whole-home system air purifier connected to your HVAC system, you can achieve a cleaner indoor environment.

Eliminates Tobacco Smoke

If you or another member of your household smokes, lingering tobacco smoke can be harmful. The risk is exceptionally high if you have young children living in the home.

Regular inhalation of tobacco smoke may cause a range of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and more. Tobacco smoke also can linger, getting trapped in fabric, staining the walls, and penetrating various surfaces.

A filtration system can help by eliminating tobacco smoke. In doing so, it decreases the risks associated with secondary smoke inhalation.

Reduces Asthma Attacks and Complications

Indoor air quality directly impacts the overall health and safety of people with asthma. Without an air purification system, you risk exacerbating your condition and triggering a severe asthma attack. Even minor pollutants like pet dander or dust can be dangerous irritants. They may make breathing difficult for you or someone you love.

Air purifiers ensure that contaminants are not present in the air you breathe. With a whole-home air purification system, you can relax. You can be confident about the protection of your health and the health of others inside the house.

Healthier Air

Indoor air can be unhealthy, more than most people realize. In fact, indoor pollution is a significant problem.

A well-maintained filtration system will improve the health of your home. With a purifier installed by our skilled technicians, you can achieve high-quality air. We highly recommend you contact the heating and cooling professionals at Swift Services for service, as whole-home air purifiers typically require professional installation.

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Why Should You Install a Whole-Home Air Cleaner?

The EPA estimates that indoor pollution levels are worse than outdoor air by as much as 2 to 5 times. Burning fuel sources, pollutants from outdoors, exhaust, and even the fumes from cooking and heating create unhealthy breathing conditions. Also, contaminants from outside seep into the soil and plants around your home. They get into your home through the windows, small cracks in the walls, and various other entryways.

At the end of the day, a whole-home air purifier is your best bet for improving your indoor air quality. A whole-home system that is connected to your heating and air conditioning system secures your house despite being exposed to outside contaminants.

If you have a system that you can trust, you are less likely to expose yourself to aggressive and harmful pollutants and contaminants. Your home should be the place where you feel most secure, and this includes trusting the air that you breathe every day.

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At Swift Services, we care about our customers. We believe that everyone has a right to clean, safe air in their home. Ready to get set up with the perfect air purifier for your home? Don’t hesitate to call us today.

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