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Whole-Home Generator Installation in Myrtle Beach, SC

Are you the type to prepare for any emergency? Then you likely have considered or wish to install a whole home generator at your Myrtle Beach, SC, home. Here’s what you need to know about these systems..

Generator Installation Services

In the United States, nearly all power outages occur despite the efforts of the homeowner. Out of the estimated 3,000 power outages per year, about 60 percent of these are due to intense weather. The remaining 34 percent result from equipment failure by electric companies.

No matter the reason, losing power means compromising on both your comfort and safety. Essential systems in the house rely on power every day, including:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Medical devices like oxygen machines
  • Security systems
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • And more

These appliances are all essential for a safe and comfortable daily life. However, they are even more critical in times of emergency.

Swift Services understands that the safety of your family matters above all the rest. To protect them, you want an efficient and safe standby generator at home to prepare for power outages. Our technicians bring years of professional experience to the table. We can install a wide variety of generators. If needed, we can customize these units depending on your family’s needs.

Benefits of a Whole House Generator

Unfortunately, power outages can occur at almost any time or place. Households at most risk are often in a remote location. But, if there is a weather crisis happening, it also can impact the electrical systems in your Myrtle Beach, SC, house and neighborhood. It could be days or weeks before your power gets restored.

A complete blackout will affect your daily life at best and endanger your family as a worst-case scenario. With a backup generator expertly installed, you can have peace of mind that your family is safe and prepared.

These standby generators work by providing a continuous stream of power to your household systems. Power is essential for items like:

  • Sump pumps
  • Air conditioning or heating units
  • Washers and dryers
  • Lights in your home
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What to Consider When Picking the Perfect Whole House Generator

Whether your current home generator needs replacing or you’re thinking about purchasing one for the first time, there are several essential things to consider when doing so. These are all crucial factors when purchasing a whole house standby generator. It’s also essential to consult the experts while determining which of these is crucial for you and your household. An expert opinion ensures that the choice you make is an informed and comprehensive one.

Fuel Source

One of the most vital things to consider when choosing the right standby generator for your house is the fuel type.

Some smaller models exclusively use liquid propane or natural gas. These options are suitable when choosing a whole home option. However, for larger generators, you will need a diesel-fueled generator. This fuel type makes power more accessible.

Determining your preferred type of generator should determine the type of fuel you choose or vice versa. Once you choose your preferred fuel type, it would be unsafe to use anything other than the recommended type of fuel. For example, if you only have access to diesel fuel, you should only fill it with the appropriate fuel.


Choosing the proper size for your generator is essential. The size determines whether the system can create enough electricity for the whole home.

Choosing the right size requires some knowledge of electricity. You’ll need to know the load requirements of the electrical appliances in your Myrtle Beach, SC, house, for example. As much as this determination is important, it’s also complicated.

You may be better off calling our team of experts for guidance. We can help you choose the right size for you and your home.

Transfer Switch

A transfer switch is an automatic switch. In the event of a power outage, your standby generator will automatically spring into action. This feature can be a lifesaver since power outages can be unpredictable. With this switch, you won’t have to worry about rushing home from work or vacation if your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, home loses power.

One transfer switch won’t work for all generators, however, so you will need to choose wisely. You’ll need to know the amperage of your electrical service panel for this. To locate this information, all you need to do is check the main breaker in your electrical panel.

Make sure to consult an experienced electrician before doing so. Guidance on electrical work will ensure your safety and confirm that you have the correct information.

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