Rewiring in Myrtle Beach

Does your electrical system need rewiring in Myrtle Beach?

Don’t take on this project alone… our professional rewiring services are here to save the day! We’ll upgrade your system to improve its efficiency and safety.

Call Swift Services today! Our qualified electricians are ready to provide you with professional, friendly, unmatched service.

Electrical Wiring Repair & Replacement

When we repair or replace your electrical wiring, your system will be much safer. We replace old components that can cause serious issues. We also add additional safety devices to prevent electrical fires, etc.

Our repair/replacement services also make your system run more efficiently. It will be able to meet your household’s needs by properly powering your home.

Signs Your Home Needs Wiring Upgrades

Myrtle Beach has many older homes with outdated electrical wiring. Their antiquated components and/or normal wear and tear present safety concerns. They may also not be strong enough to efficiently power your home.

Not sure if you are due for electrical wiring upgrades? The following signs might indicate that you are:

Aluminum Wiring

For many years, aluminum wiring was the industry standard for residential electrical systems. This is largely because it was the cheapest solution.

In more recent years, copper has become the go-to choice. It is a little more expensive but much more efficient at conducting electricity. Copper is also less likely to cause fire hazards.

If you have an older home in Myrtle Beach, your system might have aluminum wiring. You’ll definitely want to upgrade to copper for a safer, more efficient system.

Two-Pronged, Ungrounded Outlets

When you think of a modern outlet, you picture the three-pronged ones.

Homes built before 1962, however, often have two-prong ungrounded outlets. These put residents at a higher risk of electrocution. And, they may damage electronics when power surges happen.

If these reasons aren’t compelling enough, consider the fact that most modern electronics require three-pronged outlets. So, if your home has two-pronged outlets, you’ll want to upgrade to three-pronged outlets.

Missing GFCI

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) prevent electrical shocks and overheated circuits. They do this by halting power flow between electrical and grounded sources.

You should have GFCIs in specific locations throughout your home. If you have a missing GFCI in your kitchen/bathroom/etc., you should get a new one installed.

Not Enough Power

Today, South Carolina’s homes use far more devices than they did in the past. This means that their electricity needs are also greater.

Older homes may not have the capacity to power a modern lifestyle. If your system can’t keep up with your needs, our rewiring services will give your home the upgrade it needs!

Schedule Your Electrical Wiring Upgrade Today!

Homeowners take great pride in their DIY projects. But, when there are electrical problems involved, the job is best left to the pros.

For professional rewiring services, call Swift Services today! Schedule your upgrade with our certified electricians. We are friendly, work efficiently, and are more than capable of handling any problem you may have.

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