Dehumidifier Installation & Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

Dehumidifiers remove excess water from the air inside your home or office. These systems combine fans, cooling and condensation. The result? They draw in humid air and remove excess water before recirculating it in your house.

These useful appliances can make those humid South Carolina days more bearable. They also minimize the risks of water damage and protect your home. Are you considering adding a dehumidifier to your home or office? Call Swift Services today.

Do I Need a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are necessary, especially when you have too much moisture inside your home or office. You can install a dehumidifier preemptively to ensure there are no issues in the space at all.

If you are dealing with any of these problems, you need to have one installed as soon as possible:

  • There are any signs of mold breeding in your home.
  • There are excessive moisture levels indoors.
  • Your home feels stuffy and sticky, even when it is not hot outside.
  • You see condensation on the inside of your windows.
  • Musty smells linger and permeate indoors.

These signs all point to problems with humidity in your home.

By removing all that excess water, dehumidifiers can fight against mold and long-term water damage. Keeping your space mold free is essential for maintaining your health. It also protects your home value by eliminating the risk of water damage.

AC Dehumidifier Repairs and Installation

In South Carolina, we deal with a lot of heat and humidity. Most of us turn to our air conditioners to help us feel better, especially in the summer. However, air conditioners are not always strong enough to take care of the problem.

An air conditioner in a hot, stuffy room does not address the heart of the problem. But a dehumidifier does.

Swift Services Heating and Cooling offers the best in dehumidifier services. Our team provides both dehumidifier installation and repairs. Besides our services, we also carry top-of-the-line systems at a variety of price points. Our team of technicians is more than happy to assess your needs. Call us to find the best dehumidifying system for your home.

Benefits of a Home Dehumidifier

An at-home dehumidification system keeps airborne moisture levels in the proper range. It presents a range of benefits:

Moisture Management

When the moisture in your space is at the appropriate level, your cooling system doesn’t get overworked!

Simple cooling systems, like the ones in most air conditioners, are often ineffective when there is too much water in the air. All that cold air ends up creating condensation instead of cooling you off when it is humid inside.

With a dehumidifier, you’ll never have that issue again! Say goodbye to excess moisture and hello to a fresh indoor space.

Cooler Indoor Temperatures and Energy Savings

Drier air can help you feel cooler, even when the temperature is high. Dehumidifiers are much more efficient than traditional air conditioners when it comes to removing water from the air.

With lower humidity levels and cooler air, you can translate the benefits directly into monthly savings on your energy bills. You won’t have to run your air conditioning system on a high setting for a long time!

Prevents Moisture Damage and Mold Growth

Mold loves to grow in damp areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements. If the whole home is humid, it can grow anywhere. Spores will take over walls, corners and various crevices.

Mold in the air is one of the most severe problems you can face. It can lead to respiratory problems, asthma in children, fevers, red itchy eyes and mold poisoning.

Do you have any suspicions about mold in your home or office? Call us to install a dehumidifier today. We can help you fight mold and protect you and your family.

Reduced Allergen and Pollutant Concentration Levels

Dehumidifiers not only circulate dry air, but they also reduce allergens and pollutants in the air.

Often, water droplets carry airborne irritants that can make it hard to breathe. A dehumidifier will filter out these contaminants, leading to healthier air in the house.

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Dehumidifier Services with Swift

Ready to restore the proper humidity level in your home? Give us a call to discuss how we can help keep your indoor humidity level in check.

Whenever you are ready for your install, Swift Heating and Cooling will be on standby. Our professional team can help you choose a system that best works for you and makes the air you breathe so much better!

    “I called Swift and their response was outstanding.” - Jacqueline D.
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