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What to Check If Your Ceiling Fan Stops Working

Has your fan stopped working? There are a few things you can check and do yourself before you need to give us a call. Give one of the below steps a try the next time your system messes up:

Find the Circuit Breaker

It might sound simple, but sometimes all you need to do to get things up and running again is to simply reset a tripped breaker in your circuit. If your circuit breaker won’t work upon resetting, you might want to consider replacing the fuse altogether, as it may be blown. This is especially likely if the house and circuit breaker are old.

Test the Remote Control

Is it not responding to the remote control? Don’t panic! It could be that the remote has simply run out of batteries, so be sure to replace the batteries in your remote and give it a try if you are unsure. If that doesn’t work, give us a call.

Check the Directional Switch

Sometimes, the switch that reverses the direction of your fan blades may accidentally be set to neutral. Once you switch it back into the desired direction, your device may well be up and running again!

Free the Fan Blades

Sometimes, fan blades get stuck and can block the motor from turning the blades.

Signs Your Ceiling Fan Is in Need of a Repair

If none of the above steps work, and you are left wondering whether your ceiling fan is in need of a repair, just ask yourself these three questions

  • Is it humming?
  • Is it shaking?
  • Is the light not turning on?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t wait around. Give us a call or visit our website so we can get our expert technicians on the case!

Call Swift to Fix Your Ceiling Fan Today!

If your ceiling fan has broken and you’ve checked our suggestions, stop there and call us. Don’t attempt any electrical repairs yourself – you could injure yourself. Always call a professional!

We’re always on hand to take a look at your machine and repair or replace it. Contact us today for Myrtle Beach, SC, ceiling fan installation. Our ceiling fan installers provide service to residents of Conway, SC, North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas.

    “I called Swift and their response was outstanding.” - Jacqueline D.
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