Ocean Isle Dehumidifier Installation and Repair 

Dehumidifiers are electrical appliances that reduce or maintain humidity levels in the air. They are most commonly used for health or comfort reasons, or to get rid of unwanted odors and prevent the growth of mold

A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical, based in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, employs HVAC experts who are well equipped to repair or install AC dehumidifiers.

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Signs You Need a Dehumidifier

There are some obvious signs of high humidity that you can monitor to decide whether or not to invest in a dehumidifier:

  • Water stains on your ceilings or walls
  • High humidity in rooms, like bathrooms, that have poor or no ventilation
  • Frequent condensation on windows or other areas of your home
  • Small black spots (mold spores) on walls or high humidity areas like the bathtub or shower
  • Musty smell  

Why Invest in an AC Dehumidifier?

Nobody likes to come home to an uncomfortable and musty living area. Without a dehumidifier, you may start to notice poor air quality in your home.

Air that contains too much moisture and humidity can start to take a toll on your productivity and energy levels. By installing a dehumidifier, you can quickly solve this problem.

The ideal humidity level for a home is between 35% and 50%. You can easily control this range with a dehumidifier.

Another reason to invest in a dehumidifier is that humid air puts you at risk of certain symptoms like sensitive eyes, allergies and dry skin. Excess moisture can also create bacteria and mold growth.

AC dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from your indoor space so you can enjoy clean, breathable and healthy air that won’t harm you in any way.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

There are many benefits to using a dehumidifier:

  • Reduced humidity levels make your home less likely to attract allergens like dust mites, mold and mildew.
  • Dehumidifiers aren’t disruptive to your day-to-day life. They operate quietly and efficiently without drawing too much attention.
  • Dehumidifiers reduce odors that might be caused by mold and mildew.
  • Dehumidifiers decrease the possibility of mold developing on clothes, curtains, bedsheets, etc.
  • Less humidity means that your clothes will dry faster and dry foods will remain fresh longer. Computer equipment won’t show signs of rust or corrosion as quickly.
  • Dehumidifiers also lower energy costs because they help air conditioning units run more efficiently.

How Dehumidifiers Work

Dehumidifiers regulate humidity levels by removing excess moisture from the air. The most popular style is the refrigerant-based dehumidifiers.

The units work similarly to air conditioning units. They draw warm, moist air into the unit using a fan. The moist area passes through the unit’s cooled coils, causing the moisture in the air to condense on the coils.

The coils are colder than the air in the unit, so as the air cools, it loses the ability to retain moisture. Most dehumidifiers have a removable bucket or drip pan where the condensation collects.

Some even have a built-in drainage pump that continuously drains the condensation.

Once the air is cooled, it passes over the unit’s warm motor, which reheats the air before pushing it back into the room. The resulting warm air attracts moisture, much like a magnet.

Most systems are designed to work only when they need to be. Once the room achieves the desired level of dryness, the unit automatically turns off, so you don’t waste energy.

Contact A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical to learn more about dehumidifier installation and repair. Our certified experts would be thrilled to help you solve your home’s humidity issues.

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AC Dehumidifier Repair and Installation

A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical is a team of HVAC experts. Our expert technicians are qualified to perform dehumidifier repairs and installations.

When you’ve decided that you need to install a dehumidifier, contact the HVAC professionals in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, and a technician will install the unit efficiently and explain how it works.

They will also help you create a custom maintenance plan so you can enjoy years of functionality without any severe wear and tear.

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For more than a decade, we’ve helped residents of Ocean Isle and the surrounding area with any problems related to their HVAC or electrical systems.

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