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Would you say the air you’re breathing is better or worse than the air outside? Most people would say better, but they would also be wrong. Believe it or not, indoor air quality is one of the biggest problems for most homeowners, and the air inside can be several times worse than the air outside. That means asthma attacks, allergies, dry hair and skin, and plenty of other problems that are all far more common than most people realize. However, getting relief from poor-quality air is also easier than most people think, especially with help from the team at A+ Heating & Cooling.

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Air Filtration Systems

Sometimes, your HVAC system’s air filter isn’t enough. If you struggle with poor-quality air even though you are consistently changing your air filter and keeping your home clean, then an additional air filtration system may be right for you. A+ Heating & Cooling offers a variety of air quality products, including air sanitizers, electrostatic filtration systems, air purifiers, and everything in between. We work with you to choose the ideal system for your needs, and will help you find a solution so that you can breathe with peace of mind again.

Humidity Control

Too much humidity during summer can leave your home feeling oppressive and sticky. Not enough humidity during winter leads to cracked skin, brittle hair, chapped lips, and plenty of other issues. Your home’s relative humidity level doesn’t have to fall to the whims of the weather, however. With a humidifier or dehumidifier system, A+ Heating & Cooling can help you maintain healthier air all year long. We offer great products, many of which seamlessly integrate with your current air conditioner or heater for ease of use and low maintenance operation. 

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Ocean Isle Duct Cleaning

Believe it or not, the source of your air quality problem may very well be your air ducts themselves. Over time, air ducts become loaded down with dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, and plenty of other debris that ruins your air quality throughout your home. And because this debris is often far away from a register, cleaning out is impossible for the average person. With our professional duct cleaning services, you’ll enjoy clean and sanitized ducts. That means fewer particles and fewer germs like bacteria getting in through your lungs.

A+ Heating & Cooling is here to help you with your indoor air quality problems! Talk to us about what you need by contacting us today.

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