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    How Long Does an Electrical Panel Last?

    Electrical panels deliver safety and electricity. Electricity is a dangerous element, and electrical panels make it safe to control the electricity as it flows through your home. If you’ve recently bought a home, especially an older home, you may be wondering how long an electrical panel lasts.

    Panels can deteriorate with age, and upgrading can be expensive. If something doesn’t seem right with the electricity in your home, always consult a professional electrician team such as A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical. 

    We have a team of electricians that are expertly trained on how to best repair and install electrical panels. It’s best not to do this yourself. We practice top-notch safety standards, and you can trust us to get the job done right. Call us today for any of your home’s electrical issues.

    The Lifespan of an Electrical Panel

    Electrical panels tend to last longer than most household appliances. An electrical panel can last anywhere as long as 25-40 years. However, age isn’t always an indicator that your electrical panel is having issues. Some electrical panels don’t last as long as others based on the manufacturer. If you’re experiencing odd electrical occurrences, it’s never a bad idea to call an electrician in Ocean Isle Beach, Wilmington, or Shallotte. 

    It’s important to check on your electrical panel often. This is a good idea in case an unused fuse is blown. Older electrical panels can start fires, so if your electrical panel seems especially old, it doesn’t hurt to have it inspected. If you notice that your breaker box is making noises like crackling or buzzing, those are big signs that your electrical panel probably isn’t going to last much longer. 

    Signs You Need to Replace Your Electrical Panel

    Your entire house relies almost entirely on your electrical panel. Everything from the sump pump in the basement to the fan in the attic. Without electricity, you’re going to have serious problems.

    These are some serious signs that your electrical panel should be replaced.

    • Plastic or wood-burning smell coming from the electrical panel
    • Breakers frequently trip or will not remain reset
    • The electrical panel is hot or warm to the touch
    • Rust forming on the electrical panel
    • Lights flicker or dim when things are plugged in
    • The electrical panel is damaged
    • Circuit breakers are not working correctly
    • Your electrical panel box has fuses and not circuit breakers
    • Scorching inside the electrical panel

    Don’t Put Off Electrical Panel Replacement

    If you’re experiencing any of those electrical issues, having an electrician assess the situation can be more helpful than you realize. Your problems might not be with the age of your panel, but instead a problem with the electrical capacity of your panel. 

    Over time, as we rely more and more on electricity, we demand more of our electrical panels. Some electrical panels, especially in older homes, are not able to power all of our devices and appliances. To fix this, you will need to upgrade to a larger electrical panel. Modern electrical panels can increase safety, provide the ability to add extra circuits, and offer more consistent power.

    Another way that we commonly overwhelm electrical service panels is with power strips and extension cords. If you find you don’t have enough outlets, adding extra outlets with an extension cord can drain electricity and lead to the potential to overload the circuit. It might be a good idea to have a new electrical panel installed but also add more outlets and wiring circuits too

    Putting off electrical system issues is especially dangerous. With a malfunctioning electric panel, electrical surges can cause fires.

    A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical is Here to Help

    Electricity is no joke. If you smell burning from your electrical panel, that’s a big red flag to call an electrician right away. They can help you understand how much electricity you’re using and if upgrading your electrical panel is the right move. Schedule an appointment with the electrical team from A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical today.

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