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Ocean Isle Beach, NC Garbage Disposal Repair 

Garbage disposals are a valued home convenience that saves us huge amounts of time and trouble. When they’re carefully maintained, they typically last anywhere between 8 and 15 years. But when they stop working, they can cause all sorts of issues that need sorting out as soon as possible.

Jammed or clogged garbage disposals will do more than fill your kitchen with an unpleasant smell. They can also cause huge plumbing problems, from loosening your drain fittings to flooding your sink with dirty (and foul-smelling) water!

At A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical in Ocean Isle Beach, we’re skilled in all aspects of garbage disposal repair. If you’ve noticed a blockage, get in touch with our team today. Our experienced plumbing experts are sure to get things running smoothly again. 

Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement

Are you in need of garbage disposal replacement in Ocean Isle Beach, NC? Whether you have a new one ready and just need help with installing it, or are looking for advice on which motor size to buy, our professional plumbers will be delighted to assist you.

We can recommend the garbage disposal with the best feed type and motor size for your Ocean Isle Beach, NC home. We’ll also be happy to install it for you, making sure that it’s properly connected to your power source and plumbing system. 

When Should I Replace My Garbage Disposal?

At A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, we believe you should only replace what can’t be fixed. But sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether your garbage disposal is beyond repair.

We’ve put together a checklist to help you decide whether or not you need to replace your garbage disposal unit:

  • It Clogs Frequently: If you’ve noticed that your home’s garbage disposal has started to clog frequently, it might show that it can’t cope with the amount of waste that you’re trying to put down. This means you might need a larger capacity to fill your needs, so it could be a good idea to install a bigger or more powerful model.
  • You Have To Press The Reset Button A Lot: Find yourself pressing the ‘reset’ button more often than you used to? The motor of your garbage disposal could be failing, which means your unit will soon need replacing.
  • You Can’t Get Rid Of Odors: If your garbage disposal is giving off an unpleasant odor, the first step is to try to clean it out yourself. Fill your sink with dish soap and add the following:
    • Ice cubes
    • Baking soda
    • Citrus peel
    • Vinegar

These ingredients will lift odors and break down minor blockages.

If the odor still lingers once you’ve completed this step, this means that the smell could be trapped in the bends of your drain or within the garbage disposal unit itself. Sometimes, the best way to rid your Ocean Isle Beach home of the smell for good is simply to replace the disposal.

  • It’s Making Unusual Noises: Garbage disposals are made up of various moving parts, from its motor to its blades. If you’ve noticed an unusual noise, it could be a sign that something has become caught where it shouldn’t. Shine a flashlight down your sink to see if there’s a visible blockage, and carefully remove it if so.

No obvious blockage? This could mean the unit has become faulty, so you should consider replacing it or calling for plumbing services in Ocean Isle Beach, NC as soon as possible.

  • The Blades Have Become Dull::You can tell that the blades of your garbage disposal are no longer sharp if your food takes longer to grind up. You might also be experiencing frequent blockages, as the blades haven’t been able to grind the waste finely enough for it to pass through the drains. This means it’s time to replace your garbage disposal.
  • You’re Replacing Your Sink Or Dishwasher: It’s by no means necessary to replace your garbage disposal when replacing your sink or dishwasher. But if your unit is already quite old (10 years or more) and you’ve been considering upgrading it, it might be more cost-effective to organize this at the same time as your new plumbing appliance is fitted.

As you’ve already got a professional plumbing company in your Ocean Isle Beach, NC, home, it will also save you the inconvenience of having to arrange another plumbing service appointment if your garbage disposal becomes faulty at a later date. 

Call Us for All Your Garbage Disposal Repair, Replacement and Installation Needs!

Get in touch with us today to receive the best garbage disposal services in Ocean Isle Beach, NC! We put an extra emphasis on safety and care of your property to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

If you’re in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, or the surrounding area, call us today to get help with your garbage disposal! We’re the local plumbing company homeowners have come to trust.

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