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Every day, the lighting in your home affects you in more ways than you realize. The spot in the kitchen where you make your lunch, where you like to sit in the lounge, whether you watch TV or read at night or even just how you feel is affected by light. We depend on lighting, but we rarely give it a second thought.

Top-quality lighting systems can transform your home and how you feel there. They can lift you up on dark days, create beauty in your home and even just distribute light better, so there are no dark spots.

If you are unsure about certain aesthetic features or you worry about how dark your front drive gets at night, you don’t need to tear anything down or move. They are so versatile that in one place good lighting can complement and enhance physical structures, and in another they can make you feel safer.

Inside and outside, great lighting is key to making the most out of your home. So if you are considering upgrading your interior or exterior decor, first consider top-quality lighting systems. Our licensed electricians are here to help you make the perfect additions to your house. They will provide expert guidance and safe, top-quality workmanship throughout the installation process. Whether it is for the inside of your home or your front and backyard, our skilled technicians will ensure your installation is legal, safe and top quality.

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Lighting Installation Services

Pendant Lights: Pendant lights add a little extra to your home decor, bringing both beauty and utility to your home. Similar to a pendant on a necklace, they hang from the ceiling on either a rod or chain, which you can choose to suit your needs or the aesthetics of your home.

You may fit a pendant fixture for many different uses. Rather than dispersing light well and evenly over a large area, pendants light up a small area brilliantly. That’s why you will often see them in restaurants or bars to light the space where customers are sitting, and why you’ll often find them in kitchens and bathrooms.

Pendant fixtures are really popular as they bring the light down and direct it where you want it – many people use them over kitchen counters or dining tables.

Fluorescent Lights: Fluorescent lights are not so great for your lounge or bathroom, but they are perfect in the garage or workshop. They light up your space very clearly and are very energy efficient. That makes them an ideal choice if you are going to be out in the workshop working on a project for long periods of time. And they’ll help you feel safe if you have to go out to get something from the garage in the dark.

Fluorescent fittings can’t be installed on drywall anchors. However, our skilled technicians can install them by fitting out new wiring, using existing wiring if your home already has it.

Track Lights: You will see these kinds of lights in art galleries and museums, but many people fit them in their homes. Track lights accent particular spots in a room, or they can highlight shelves and display units. You can easily install them using drywall anchors, or you can screw them into ceiling joists.

Traditional Ceiling Mounts: Traditional ceiling mounts are versatile and flexible. With so many possible designs, you can create a unique feel for your home, in any style you like. If you go down this road, they are simple to install. You can attach traditional mounts to chandeliers or fans that have light attachments.

Recessed Lights: Many more people today are looking for a minimalist feel for their home, and that extends to lighting, too. Recessed lighting is installed inside the ceiling, freeing up vertical space in your home. They are popular because they provide ample lighting without taking up any space.

LED Lights: LED lights are extremely energy efficient, and you can use them in many different types of lights and color including amber, red, green and blue. (Different colors are combined to make white LED lights.) As well as being energy efficient, they are also very durable and versatile.

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