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HVAC Services in St. James, NC

North Carolina homeowners and business owners deserve to have total temperature control. A properly functioning air conditioning unit ensures you not only stay comfortable, but also that you keep your occupants safe.

No matter your home’s HVAC needs, our expert technicians can handle the job. Whether it is a routine service, installing new equipment, tuning up existing equipment, or even performing IAQ services, you don’t need to look any further than A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical for the best HVAC services in the St. James, NC area.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical 

Here at A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical, we’re happy to offer maintenance plans for our customers. We designed these plans for homeowners who want an easy way to keep all components of their heating and air conditioning systems running in top shape. By signing up for a plan, you won’t have to worry about your system like you do now.  

Why Choose A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical for HVAC Services in St. James?

A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical is the best you’ll find for air conditioning services in St. James and Oak Island, NC. We are proud to be a full-service HVAC and electrical company that can handle any issue that may come our way in order to achieve the best outcome for our customers.

Pick up the phone, and call our reputable business today to schedule air conditioning services in St. James, NC! We’ll be happy to take care of all of your heating and cooling needs.

Signs That You May Need to Replace Your St. James Cooling System 

An HVAC system is a significant investment for your home, so it’s understandable that homeowners want to keep it running as long as possible. However, it’s necessary to understand when it’s time for a replacement. Here are some signs to look for: 

Short Cycling 

If your system is turning on and off too frequently, it’s short cycling. When your HVAC system is forced to work harder than it should, it will wear out more quickly.

Your System is Over 10 Years Old

Air conditioning systems in St. James typically last about 10 to 15 years. If your system is getting up there in age, it might be worth upgrading to a new, energy-efficient unit. You’ll save money on your energy bills and avoid an untimely breakdown.

You Feel Warm Air 

Warm air coming from your air conditioning unit may indicate that something is wrong with either the filter or the evaporator coil. Sometimes we can fix this issue with a repair, but other times you will be better off with a new unit.

Strange Sounds or Noises 

More often than not, hearing strange noises or sounds means something is wrong with the fan belt or the fan motor. 

Frequent Repairs 

Tired of dumping tons of money into repairs? Get a new system that will last for years to come. 

Uneven Cooling 

Uneven cooling is often the first sign of an outdated HVAC unit. In this case, it may be more economical to install a new unit that will require fewer repairs than to keep updating the old one. 

Heating Services from A+ Heating and Cooling – Electrical 

It’s also possible to experience issues with the heating system in your St. James, NC home. The most common indicators you may need to repair or replace your heating system include:

  • Your Home Won’t Stay Warm. Insufficient heat coming from your heating system can indicate an issue with your thermostat or malfunctioning equipment. 
  • You’re Paying More in Bills. If your electricity bill suddenly skyrockets, it could be because your heating system isn’t operating efficiently. As a result, it has to work harder to heat your home. 
  • Your Heater is Making Odd Noises. There are a number of reasons that could cause your heater to make odd noises, but on occasion, it can mean there is a loose bearing or deteriorating belt. 
  • Your Carbon Monoxide Detector is Going Off. This is a critical sign that your heating system may need to be repaired or replaced. Always take this seriously when it happens, and call emergency services. Oftentimes, this means that a heat exchanger has cracked inside your unit.

Indoor Air Quality Services in St. James, North Carolina 

Indoor air pollution can be a serious risk to your health, which is why we take it seriously here at A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical.

Our trained experts offer various services to keep the IAQ in your Ocean Isle Beach or St. James, NC home the best it can be. 

Duct Cleaning 

A good duct cleaning service works to eliminate harmful contaminants from the air, leaving the air in your home clean and safe to breathe. 


We also offer regular maintenance for thermostats in the form of installation and repair. With the right service, your thermostat could last for years!

Air Purifiers 

Our professional technicians can install new purification systems and maintain existing ones, allowing you to put your family’s health first.


Our indoor air quality specialists in Oak Island, St. James and Wilmington, NC can also repair and install whole house dehumidifiers. Having humidity issues in your home can be very uncomfortable, but we have the tools and the knowledge to solve them. 


HVAC zoning allows for temperature control that varies from room to room, rather than working to make your entire home the same temperature. For example, you may prefer to have your bedroom on the cold side, but want your guests to be warmer while gathering in the living room.


    “He went above and beyond to assure that we were informed and fully aware of current system status and future options.” - James S.
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