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    Does My House Need Rewiring?

    When installed by a professional and used correctly over the years, a home’s wiring can be expected to last around 40 years. But because the electrical wires are hidden from sight, it’s difficult for Wilmington and Ocean Isle Beach homeowners to assess their condition and know when it’s time to replace them. In our most recent blog, A+ Heating& Cooling – Electrical shares the signs to watch for that tell you it’s time to have your home rewired, and why this job is best left to a qualified, licensed electrician.

    Signs Your Home Needs to Be Rewired

    When in good condition and safely used, a home’s electrical system and its components pose a very little safety risk to those in your household. When you start to experience problems with the performance of electrical components, you likely need to rewire your home – both to improve functionality and safety. Watch for these signs to determine if your Leland or Calabash home has faulty wiring and needs rewiring.

    1. Lights That Flicker or Dim

    Flickering or dimming lights are one of the most common indicators that a home should be rewired. Lights get brighter due to excess voltage, and they dim because they don’t receive enough, both of which indicate fluctuations in power that shouldn’t exist. Wires may be loose or you could have a faulty circuit.

    2. Lightbulbs Burn Out Quickly

    If you notice the lightbulbs in wired lighting fixtures burn out faster, this issue is usually the result of intermittent power to the fixture. When power cuts on and off to the fixture, the fixture turns on and off repeatedly, which wears out the bulb much quicker than usual. Loose connections or corrosion on electrical contacts may be to blame.

    3. Outlets Spark

    A brief spark occasionally occurs when you plug a device into an outlet. Repeated sparking from your outlets is a warning sign of serious electrical problems which can lead to electrical fires. The outlet may be short-circuiting and overheating, which melts wiring insulation and exposes the wires.

    4. Soot or Char Marks on Outlets or Switches

    Anytime you notice soot or char marks on an outlet or switch, a serious safety hazard exists. These marks are the result of tiny fires caused by wiring issues, which discolor the component. Contact an electrician if you see these marks.

    5. Power Fluctuations

    When wiring is loose, outlets are overloaded, or other issues are present, the home’s power can fluctuate. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also indicates electrical problems. 

    6. Electrical Shock

    If anyone receives a shock when touching a cord or device that is plugged into an outlet, your electrical system needs professional attention immediately. Loose wires, bad connections, and faulty equipment can cause power to escape the system and connect with a body.

    7. Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

    Not only is it a hassle to constantly reset tripped breakers, but this is a sign your electrical system needs attention. Wiring or other components within the circuit may be faulty or your electrical demand may be too high, so it’s a good idea to have your home rewired. Rewiring can not only correct issues but also upgrade a home’s electrical service.

    8. Heavy Use of Extension Cords

    Extension cords are meant for temporary use. If these cords are in use constantly throughout your home or in certain areas, we recommend new wiring. New outlets can be added for safe and convenient use.

    Does My House Need Rewiring Service from a Professional?

    Some handy homeowners can safely perform minor electrical repairs around the home. When it comes to a major project like rewiring, though, you should always leave this task to a licensed electrician. 

    Working with a home’s electrical system is inherently dangerous. Professional electricians have the knowledge and training needed that allows for the safe handling and service of wires and other components. Attempting to perform electrical service if you don’t have the right skill set can lead to shocks, electrocution, or even a house fire. 

    If you’re thinking about rewiring your home, you probably don’t know all that this project actually entails. A qualified electrician knows how to assess your needs and create a comprehensive rewiring plan that addresses them. They will also pull the necessary permits to legally complete the job, perform the work in accordance with local, state, and federal electrical codes, and perform a thorough inspection of the work upon completion. The many steps that go into a rewiring job are designed to deliver a safe electrical system that enhances convenience and protects the home as well as those inside of it.

    Schedule a Consultation for Rewiring

    If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, give A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical a call. Our licensed electricians can inspect your home and electrical system, discuss your needs, and create a plan for your rewiring project. Request an estimate today to replace faulty electrical wires and components, and make your home a safer place.

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