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Southport NC Air Conditioning and Heating

A+ Heating & Cooling - Electrical is proud to be a Southport NC air conditioning and heating contractor. Our team of professionals has been assisting residents and businesses of this charming, small town with HVAC related issues for many years. From installation to repair and maintenance, A+ Heating & Cooling - Electrical specializes in all types and brands of air conditioning and heating units. We are also here to help whenever you need a quality electrical repair service.

Southport is located on the southern tip of North Carolina's coast offering some picturesque views to its residents and visitors. From fishing, boating or golfing to strolling along the beautiful downtown with its fine dining waterfront restaurants, there is never a shortage of activities in Southport. One of the biggest events which attracts thousands of people to this small maritime town is the North Carolina Fourth of July Festival. Southport is a great place to live, visit or invest.

Real estate in Southport consists of all types of homes, from older properties to new homes. A+ Heating & Cooling - Electrical has partnered with many residents, business and property owners to take care of any maintenance or repairs of their air conditioning systems. When it comes to the comfort and health of your family or your guests you want to make sure you can trust your local team of professionals. At A+ Heating & Cooling - Electrical the quality of service is our priority!

Common Southport NC Air Conditioning and Heating Problems

Among hundreds of Southport NC air conditioning and heating calls we've received over the years there are several common issues we've encountered. The nature of these issues differ depending on the age of a property. Owners of unique Southport older homes need assistance with slightly different HVAC related problems than homeowners of new construction.

Older Homes and Air Conditioning Problems

Southport NC Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

The problem with older homes is they were built many years ago. What it means is the technology back then was not what it is today. Most houses now are built to be more energy efficient with doors and windows designed to prevent any air leaks. Additionally, older homes have been around longer so there may be cracks in the structure which allows the air from the outside to get inside. When hot, humid air finds its way inside your home your air conditioning unit needs to work harder to cool off the air inside. Moreover, the air which gets inside your home through cracks and under the doors may be polluted causing many health problems such as headaches, congestion etc. Changing your air filter on a regular basis will help keep the air inside your home clean and fresh.

Back in the day many home builders didn't think about how much insulation should be used to make a house energy efficient. Older homes tend to not have enough insulation which means too much heat gets inside your home in the summer and less heat is kept inside in the winter. When an air conditioning system (especially an older one) has to work harder it will cause the utility bills to skyrocket.

Many homeowners prefer to fix things around the house themselves thinking they are saving money. In many cases this is true. However, when it comes to complicated systems, such as HVAC in your house, resist the temptation to call upon your family member who "knows a bit about everything" to come and fix the problem. A temporary fix doesn't take care of the big problem and will only cost you more down the road. Whenever your AC unit stops working and the usual troubleshooting doesn't solve the issue seek an assistance from a professional Southport NC air conditioning and heating team.

New Homes and Air Conditioning Problems

Building or buying a new home certainly gives homeowners peace of mind when it comes to fixes and repairs. However, new construction is not completely free of flaws. When it comes to a HVAC system there are some issues our professionals at A+ Heating & Cooling - Electrical run into.

Growing families love to have big houses. Builders want to satisfy that demand and build houses which are large but still moderately priced. The problem is, the bigger the house the more AC units are needed to assure the proper heating and cooling. One heat pump may not be enough for a large property. Additionally, as our team of experts will tell you, brand matters. There are many different brands of HVAC equipment available with some being superior while others are more prone to malfunctions. Some builders use entry level appliances and home buyers should consider that when shopping for homes.

When it comes to buying a new home a home buyer should carefully study the warranties from the builder. Heating and cooling systems usually come with a warranty from the manufacturer but it may not cover the labor. If your new AC unit stops working and you need to call a professional to repair it be prepared for a substantial expense.

No matter whether you own a new house or an older property our Southport NC air conditioning and heating team can assist you with any HVAC related issues.  Call A+ Heating & Cooling - Electrical and our experts will come to your home to help you decide, if necessary, how to make your home more energy efficient and more comfortable and safe for your loved ones. Contact us 24/7 by giving us a call at 910-754-2200 or send us a message.

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