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Oak Island NC Air Conditioning Repair

A+ Heating, Cooling and Electrical specializes in Oak Island NC air conditioning repair and maintenance. Our dedicated team of professionals has also been helping customers across Brunswick County with heating repair and maintenance, duct work, electrical services and other issues related to residential and commercial HVAC systems.

Our experienced HVAC professionals at A+ Heating and Cooling are very familiar with the beautiful area of Oak Island. From pristine beaches to excellent dining there is a lot to enjoy and appreciate in Oak Island, NC. It's not a surprise that every year this charming community is visited by thousands of tourists. No matter if you are a resident of Oak Island or you're just visiting, after a full day of soaking up the sun all you want to do is relax in a cool home or condo.

At A+ Heating and Cooling - Electrical we are prepared 24/7 to take your phone call and assist you as soon as possible. The comfort of your family and/or your guests is our top priority! If you're experiencing an issue with your air conditioning unit please call us at 910-754-2200 or send us a message.

Oak Island NC Air Conditioning Repair - Common Problems

Oak Island NC Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

There are many reasons why an air conditioning unit stops working or works inefficiently. Below are some of the most common problems our technicians run into in the Oak Island NC area.

Problems with Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a chemical blend used in heat pumps because it shifts easily between gas and liquid form making it very effective at heat exchange. As you may know, heat pumps do not create cold but, with the help of refrigerant, they remove the heat. When refrigerant evaporates inside a house it draws thermal energy from the air. As a result the air inside your home cools down.

A great number of the Oak Island NC air conditioning repair calls are related to problems with refrigerant. Customers often complain that the air coming through the air ducts feels warm or their AC only seems to work at night. These issues may signal a low level of refrigerant when there is not enough of the blend to circulate throughout your house.

There is also a possibility the refrigerant in your heat pump is leaking. This is a much more complex problem which needs to be identified and repaired by a professional HVAC team. Low levels of refrigerant should be addressed quickly because they may lead to a break down of the whole system.

Ice on the coils 

Ice in the summer? Yes, it is the real thing. Evaporator coils in your heat pump may freeze and cover with ice making it impossible for your AC unit to work. One of the reasons is related to the issue we mentioned above which is a low level of refrigerant. The other reason for coils to freeze is when something in your system is obstructing the air flow.

If your air conditioning unit doesn't work and you see ice on coils the first thing you should do is to turn off your AC unit. Next, check your air filter, especially if you don't remember replacing it in a long time. Additionally, check if there is anything blocking the air ducts and if all registers in your house are open. If the problem still persists you should contact your local professional experienced in Oak Island NC air conditioning repair.

Faulty Sensor

Our customers in Oak Island, NC often call A+ Heating and Cooling - Electrical complaining about their ac unit acting strange and turning on and off when it wants to. Instead of cooling the air inside a home to match the temperature set on the thermostat the air conditioning unit starts, stops and then starts again. These erratic cycles are a prefect indicator of a faulty sensor.

The thermostat sensor is inside your air conditioning unit near the evaporator coils. The sensor should be placed near the coil but not touching it. Every time air passes by the sensor it reads the temperature of the air and compares it with the settings on the thermostat unit. It the passing air is too hot the sensor will activate the cooling cycle to lower the temperature inside your home. However, it may happen that the sensor gets knocked out of position and that's what may cause your AC unit to behave erratically. The faulty sensor should be repaired as soon as possible because the random cycles will run up your electric bill in no time!

When it comes to your HVAC system even a minor fix may lead to more serious problems. If you don't have the skills or the time to repair your AC unit yourself call our Oak Island NC air conditioning repair team at A+ Heating and Cooling - Electrical. Apart from helping you fix your problem we will also provide you with information on how to make your home more energy efficient. Call us today at 910-754-2200 or send us a message.

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