AC Repair

AC Repair

A faulty AC unit means sweltering summer days indoors and out. When you’re up against the humid Myrtle Beach, South Carolina summer, you want your AC to be in tip-top shape.

Did you know that repairing your AC can even cut down on energy costs on utility bills? At Swift Services, we are all about client comfort and energy efficiency. Let us help you with our air conditioning repair services today!

Common Air Conditioning Problems We Can Fix!

Worried your cooling system won’t get you through the heat? Don’t stress! Swift Services has you covered!

Here are some of the most challenging air conditioning problems that we can repair for you:

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can mean serious trouble for your Myrtle Beach HVAC system. Leaks cause your system to stop working, or even blow warm air.

In the hot summer months, this can be uncomfortable for residents of the home. It can also lead to the growth of mold and the accumulation of moisture inside.

What to look for:

  • Moisture or liquid on the floor beside your HVAC unit
  • Ice on internal evaporator coils on the HVAC system
  • Warm air blowing from your cooling system

If you see any of these conditions in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home, be sure to schedule a call with our expert team of technicians!

Thermostat Issues

While the thermostat is imperative to the functionality of the cooling system, problems with the thermostat could end up costing you money. Malfunctioning thermostats can lead to a false reading. This could cause your air conditioning system to work extra harder to maintain the right temperature indoors.

What to look for:

  • Skyrocketing power bills
  • A difference in apparent temperature and thermostat reading

Sometimes all you need to rectify thermostat issues is a new set of batteries. Thermostats need frequent battery changes to keep working. If this doesn’t change the situation, call in our expert staff to investigate further and help you find fast, affordable solutions.

Electronic Control Failure and System Cycling

Inside your cooling system are a system of fan controls and a compressor. Over time, these systems begin to wear out and need repairs. The typical lifespan of a good HVAC system is 15  to 20 years, but many require repairs sooner.

What to look for:

  •  HVAC turning on and off frequently

With help from our team at Swift Services, your air conditioning can get right back to normal. We have the skills and experience to execute smart repairs on a budget. These repairs can save you money on your bill and extend the lifespan of your unit.

What You Can Check Before You Call Us

Our mission is to help you create air conditioning solutions that save you money and keep you comfortable. We aren’t in the business of charging you more than you should pay for quality services.

This is why we are committed to helping you with easy repairs, even if it means you don’t need to call our professional team for every problem!

Below are a few simple solutions you can fix yourself at home:

Thermostat Batteries

The Problem: Your air conditioner won’t turn on

The Solution:

  • Replace the thermostat batteries with new ones.
  • Check the settings to ensure the unit is set to “cooling.”
  • Check the circuit breaker to ensure it’s not tripped. You can reset the breaker by turning the switch off and then on again.

If you troubleshoot all of the above and don’t see results, it may be time to call in our team to investigate further and try some repairs.

Air Filters

The Problem: The cooling unit keeps switching off and on.

The Solution:

  •  Inspect the air filter. If the filter is clogged, replace the filter and see results.

When a filter is clogged, it can cause damage to the blower motor in the unit, which results in it switching on and off repeatedly. It can then cause your energy bill to increase drastically and the lifespan of your unit to decrease. Replacing your filter on time can cut energy costs by up to 15 percent.

The Outside Unit

The Problem: The unit is not working properly.

The Solution:

  • Inspect the unit outdoors for debris or obstacles. Check the condenser coil and the grille. Clear the unit of all debris, and wait for results.

If the unit outside is not blocked or dirty, the problem may be deeper. Our team at Swift Services is here to help you find a solution.

What You Get When You Call Swift Services

At Swift Services, our clients receive complete repair services. Our grade-A customer service begins the minute you give us a call.

With flexible scheduling and prompt arrival, we cater to those with busy families and work schedules. We won’t leave you waiting hours with a wide, unspecific window of time when we may show up.

Our company prides itself on making our services convenient for all Myrtle Beach residents. You can expect a combination of quality, efficiency and money-saving opportunities when you schedule  repairs with our team at Swift Services.

Our world-class repair services include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Prompt arrival and completion of repairs
  • Certified technicians
  • A thorough analysis of your heating and cooling system
  • Detailed reports of the technician’s findings so you aren’t charged for anything you don’t need
  • A smart and simple air conditioning repair plan that keeps you under budget
  • System performance verification

Contact Swift Services for All of Your AC Repair Needs

When you receive quality repairs, you:

  • Save money on your utility bill
  • Reduce the need for future repairs
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning system

Reach out to our friendly and professional team for fast, smart repairs that help you save money and stay cool in the hot Myrtle Beach, SC, summers. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term client relationships and would love to help you find the best repairs and solutions for your heating and cooling system.

Whether you are dealing with a leak, a system failure or faulty HVAC, trust Swift Services with your Myrtle Beach business today! We service all types of AC systems, including heat pump repair and maintenance.

    “I called Swift and their response was outstanding.” - Jacqueline D.
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